Thursday, July 30, 2015

Venus Retrograde 2015

Venus Retrograde 2015

Venus Retrograde Pulls you back to make changes in the areas of what you love and value. She beckons you to make changes in how you relate to people and your relationships. Are you ready for these changes? If not, this energy demands you become ready. Past lovers may present themselves at this time, while a possible romantic liaison may show up to reignite your heart! Take this time to nurture the self and make goals to remove the unwanted relationships as well. Keep in balance however, for every bad relationship that is remove find a creative way to nurture one that is valued above the others. -Lord Auriael

Saturn Retrograde 2015

Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio, 2015

We are going to look at the Saturn Retrograde happening in Scorpio this year. Please know that all a retrograde means is that from our vantage point it looks (illusion) like the plant is moving backwards. It is saying there is special emphasis on the lessons of the energies of that planet. It's not a bad thing, however some people may find that the energy is a bumpy road for them. Retrogrades give us the opportunity to see the illusions of our lives. This years Retrograde is in Scorpio. Regardless of where it is, Saturn in nature is not about the warm fuzzies and feel good factor. Saturn, especially in Scorpio, demands that we all look at the REAL truth of the matters at hand. Dig to the root of all problems to find resolve to our problems.Saturn is also known to be the deliverer of Karma. Have you been living in your truth? Those that have been will see great rewards, however those that have not will be caught in their own webs for all to see. Finally, Saturn demands that we look at the quality of our actions. Are you setting the stage for what you would like to manifest in the long term, but taking control of things in the interim? Are you being proactive to remove PERMANENTLY not TEMPORARILY toxic people and energy? Are you putting band-aids over situations? This the question of quality of choices made! Now is the time, are you on board? Allow the energy to guide you, and show you the way!

-Lord Auriael-