Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jupiter in Leo! Passion! Energy! FIRE! Be Brazen and Bold!

What a wonderful energy we have around us y’all! Hang on to your broomsticks this is going to be grreeeaattt!!! Anything that is started this year will come to fruition, but not without a little work. Leo is a wonderful sign full of resilience, passion, energy, and Leo rules the heart’s desire.  Jupiter entered Leo near the end of July and fired the race pistol at the New Moon. Everything is in motion now and the energy is going to come fast and furious.
Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, rebirth, enterprise, goals and ambition. Jupiter is getting into bed with Leo and when the two of them come together… HOT DAMN! Get out the planner, make plans and get on board with this energy! Charge up the amulets for luck and fortune! Take risks this moon phase while Jupiter and Leo are hitting the sheets, worry about the details later! You can undo any decision you make if it doesn’t suit your path to final outcome!
Some big Astrological times are on the horizon for us! August 1st starts with Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun all in Leo! If you are looking for money, new relationships, new enterprises, expanding your business, use this energy! Take advantage! Mercury is the god of commerce and communication. Jupiter is about expansion and the sun is the ultimate nurturer, it allows the Earth to grow. Let your earthly endeavors grow! Need I say more?!
A word of caution, take some restraint and keep your thoughts clear and grounded. Mercury in a fire sign equals explosion and influx. Communicate your business, goals, and desires, but don’t be pushy and overbearing. Any new thoughts ought to be written down, because you don’t want forgot them.
Mars and Saturn are in Scorpio. Reach into the depths of your mind and take action. Take initiative to uncover fallacy and live in truth. Put an end to fear and face them. Make yourself stronger. It’s okay to keep some things to yourself until the right time!
Mercury squares the Moon on August 3rd. No big deal, but be prepared to keep the mind and heart in line this day so as to avoid being dragged into the drama of others. This day may involve many of us going against the current; it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth your energy.
Pay extra attention on August 6th and take notes on what’s going on around you. The Sun trines the moon and conjuncts both Mercury and Jupiter and there is a lot of blending energies. Don’t be surprised if goals you have been working on get an extra boost of energy or even start to manifest more before your eyes. I anticipate a little restlessness, not to be a discomfort, but more to get things done. All these grand trines and conjunctions happen in Leo, this can be to your detriment or to your benefit, how will you use the energy?  
Also on August 6th, Mars trines Neptune, the planet of trade, but there is energy to take note of here. Be ready to detect insincerity, liars, and cheats at the drop of a dime. Keep balanced on the ideals of give and take today. Most importantly take time for yourself and be able to say no.  Finally, the Moon is going to trine Uranus activating our higher consciousness and how we acknowledge our heart’s desires and emotions.  
On August 10th the full moon happens in Airy Aquarius. Aquarius energy on this full moon is all centered on our unique abilities, the mind, the intellect, and all the details. Be a rebel and push the boundaries a little. This is a good time as well to look at putting the details into perspective. They may not be exact or as fine tuned as they need to be, but the ground work is being laid. Be prepared to be a quick thinker and acting quickly. Take time to ground and center at this full moon as well. Meditate on what the next steps are and be sure to write this information down that you receive.
Our fires get doused a little when Venus enters Leo on August 12th. The Venus energy brings us passion, but don’t be overly emotional with it. Don’t take things personally, because everyone is going to be riding high this day. Some romantic flames and lust might be kindled this day. Keep an open mind and think with the brain on your shoulders.
Mercury takes his turn in Virgo on August 16th, this is spectacular for clear and grounded communication, having the ability to jump in to any conversation that may peak your interest. People may be giving you advice about how to fine tune your planes. This is great, but if it doesn't resonate with you, AFTER you have evaluated it, then you don’t have to take the advice. Ground your mind at this time, but avoid becoming complacent. Perhaps pick up a good book and enjoy the sun. It’s a vacation and stimulant for the mind.
A lot of the energy that we are going through is passionate, motivating, and highly active energy. The energy of fire is such a nice step off of the water energy of our 2014. 2014 is a 7 year, and it’s all water, emotion, drama, and its turning into sludge. How nice it is that we are getting some fire to dry it up! The second half of August is more earthy and grounded! 

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