Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mercury Retrograde Calendar for 2015

Mercury Retrograde for 2015 

January 21 - February 11th in Aquarius
May 18- June 11th in Gemini
September 17th - October 9th in Libra
January 5th 2016 in Capricorn

This year we have an interesting set of retrogrades for Mercury. This should come as NO surprise to any of you! We know that this planet goes retrograde about 3 times a year, so what do we do? We PREPARE for it! I have included that the first retrograde of 2016, because we begin that retrogrades shadow period and so the year begins under a retrograde. Let's stay concerned with this year, shall we?

Mercury Retrograde the Basics with NO BULL!

Check it out guys we know that this happens as often so deal with it. Don't put your life on hold just because of this particular energy. Drive into it and understand it. If you implement the lessons of this energy you will not have to worry about the energy jerking you around! Stop blaming the retrograde, it's not the retrogrades fault you didn't prepare or pay attention to the details! 

During any Mercury retrograde it isn't a good idea to make big changes or start new projects. We ought not to do this simply because the energy isn't there for it. The energy is demanding that old projects be taken care of first. This will require a little work on your part to figure out what ones need your attention and which present projects can go on the back burner. 

Please consider keeping a close eye on the details. Just because you sent the email to someone doesn't mean they got it. Communication will be jacked up, but you can overcome that too! Slow down when you speak. Actually think about what you are going to say and as you are saying it actually hear yourself! You will find that these little techniques will help during the direct periods of Mercury as well! You can't expect people to listen to you if you are not hearing and LISTENING to them as well.  The devil is in the details when it comes to comms during this time. If you are unsure if someone got the message FOLLOW UP! What can it hurt? 

Life can't be put on hold, because a planet isn't direct. So take the time to pay attention to the details. The Mercury retrogrades are all about pulling back, preparing for the future by finishing unfinished projects and business. That being said, don't be surprised if someone from your past comes to you as well for the same opportunity. 
All the retrogrades are happening in the Air signs this year. This is important because they are asking you to internally build up your mind and strengthen for any situation. The catch is YOU must do it!

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius
This energy is going to be a little chaotic but it is not insurmountable. You are able to push through this with a calm head. Aquarian energy is naturally rebellious and in the search for independence, hope, and faith. Keep a calm head when dealing with people who are in search of their independence because they may do it through rebellion and nonconformity. Most importantly, this energy is demanding that you build a foundation of hope and faith internally. This internal "storage" will help in the future keeping you resilient and hopeful that you can make through anything! Aquarian's love to laugh, take some time to laugh even in dark times! 

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini  

This energy challenges your mind directly in how you interact with people and the environment around you. This energy is forcing you to be an observer. What are you observing? You are observing details of situations. Analyzing what people say; is what they are saying fact or an opinion cleverly disguised as a fact? This makes your mind stronger because you are able to accurately extrapolate what is going to happen next. You can gauge situations to where you will come out on top and end conflict before it escalates. 

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

This energy will be challenging how you create balance in situations. Do you see the pattern yet? Aquarius is telling you keep a calm head, but stick to your guns. Have hope that any situation can find resolution. Gemini is telling you as you work through the situation pick out the facts and separate opinions. Communicate concerns clearly using facts and being upfront. Libra comes along and now asks you to implement what you have learned. How can I make this a win-win situation. Now, not every situation can be win-win. This energy is trying to get you to see that even a win-lose situation is balanced. Perhaps further compromise is needed and the win-lose is only temporary. From this energy you are challenged to be a strategist. Many people who embrace this energy become excellent leaders.

All the energies explained above can have their pros and cons it's up to you to figure out how you are going to apply the lessons learned. These energies only influence the energy of the year further. If the objective is to make your year and life the best always live in accordance with the energies. You will find that life is far easier to navigate. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Astrological Magick- Retrogrades

Each retrograde has their quirks and challenges. The stigma is that each retrograde has more pitfalls that gains. That like a planetary retrograde is an illusion. I couldn't think of any ritual to do, so naturally I looked through my books. Astrology magick gave an avenue. When embarking on Astrological magick, be sure to do your research of the energies involved. A good place to start is as follows:

  1. Understand normal planetary associations and energies
  2. Understand retrograde energies of the planet. 
  3. Know what sign the planet is retrograding in and research that. 
  4. Be aware of any aspects that are on it (squares, tringes, sextiles ect.). 
  5. Length of the retrograde. 
  6. Research your natal chart. Be aware if the planet retrograded in your chart at the time of you birth. If it did look at what house it was in at that time. 
The above is just a short list. You can get as detailed or basic as you like. Understanding the energies will help guide in the creation f rituals and effectiveness of your spells and magick. Also for the novice witch this yields incredible learning opportunities and applications, as well as some great entries into you Book of Shadows!

Jupiter Retrograde in Leo. Enters Virgo August 11th, 2015
Jupiter is Retrograde Dec. 8th 2014- April 8th, 2015
Today is Jan. 2nd, 2015
Aspects: Moon sextile Jupiter
Highly protective influence. Good Fortune and coming out on top. Unyielding hope, faith, and intuition, and optimism allow you to tackle life's challenges. These traits you building in yourself which boosts your self esteem and confidence. You also put it in the universe or a higher power. Sextiles are positive energy and are a building energy. How does this effect a retrograde? You are asked to use these gifts internally, to pave the way.

Mars opposes Jupiter:
Enthusiasm and optimism are strengths and weaknesses. Avoid impulsive spontaneity and be aware of the consequences of you actions. This energy could make you think that you can tackle anything willy nilly. That's not always the case. You may be larger than life, but your acts are not and will yield only temporary results. Take this time to plan and be methodical. That is a strength that brings not only abundance, but long term abundance.

Effects on a retrograde:
You can't rely on someone else to do it for you. Jupiter is showing you that you are capable, but it starts with you. Long term success comes from making a methodical plan. You need to get the internal view of your reality in sync with whats going on around you to have long term abundance in the material world.

Jupiter is retrograde in the fifth house of Leo. The fiery lion. He is the embodiment of strength and courage. You can do anything you set your mind to. When Jupiter is retrograde in Leo, beware of the pitfalls of Leo energy like vanity, gambling, or too high of a risk. You may become a bit exorbitant with purchases which will lead to financial problems down the road. There is the unstable energy of money here, so before the planet retrogrades, put a little aside for a rainy day. This planet is retrograde once a year for 120 or 4 months. Don't touch this money or put it in a certificate of deposit,  (retrogrades have a way of surprising us...like car troubles). This is the physical manifestation of going within in regards to money matters. Putting that aside will help you eventually in the long run. Big picture planning from within is the focus of a Jupiter retrograde in Leo.

Now you know these very basic things about the Jupiter Retrograde in Leo. From here you are able to build a small ritual to help you through the energy to make it actually pretty beneficial. Good luck!

Pillars of Greek Wisdom!

This is an ongoing discussion. I will be updating this particular stream with all the videos that I do on this subject. This will help people to be able to view them in order and keep track of them. There are some videos that I was actually able to insert, others I had to just copy and past the link. I hope that doesn't make anything confusing! I am really excited and would GROUP participation! Please leave comments!!

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