Saturday, December 17, 2016

What Kind of Tarot Reader Am I? (Short Letter Response)

Dear Ryan,

I am not new to the world of Tarot, I have had several readings before from other diviners. I am interested in working with you! What kind of style of reading do you have?

Potential Client

Dear Potential Client,

My first response to a question like this is you gotta just get in and find out! Everyone on Earth is having an individual experience. Therefore, it is difficult to tell what kind of experience you will have overall. What I can say is that your experience with me will be positive and empowering! My job as a reader is not to fix your challenges for you. You are probably asking, what is my job then? Well, my job is to help by conducting a thorough assessment of the energies surrounding your inquiry. The assessment begins with my interpretation of astrological energies. Then it's your turn. We will begin with a short breathing exercise, and then it is your turn to talk, (about 10 minutes). After, I will interpret the energies as they are, good, bad, or otherwise. The interpretation will also consist of possible outcomes based on those energies. After the interpretation, we may look at how you can alter difficult situations to fit your desires as needed. Afterall, the future is never absolute!

Potential Client, please know that I am not a fluff bunny reader. I can promise you that I will not blow smoke up your behind. I will not tell you want to hear. I will speak truthfully and guide you to the very best of my ability. I will give you words of encouragement, empowerment, or warning. Every client leaves my readings with a sense of clarity and tools that they can put to use until we meet again. Keep in mind that I am in the military. Sometimes I may be abrasive, but I see past all the smokescreens, illusions, and delusions. I see into your heart and the root of any issue. The only show you will get from me, readings in person, is the typical props of a reading, (crystals, incense, cards, ect.). Though no ritual is spared for phone readings either. My purpose is to help as many people as I am able, while honoring the noble art of divination.

In summation, the world of divination has gotten a stereotypical spin. Many people believe the meme of the fortune teller, giving advice, making outlandish predictions and charging high prices for services. I make myself affordable to everyone, I will not coddle you and I will not lie. I will be the truthful friend and guide along the way. I operate this way, because after you leave my reading it is just you living your life. Ultimately, what you do with the information from the reading is your decision. In the grand scheme of things, we all walk a solitary path, because we are all uniquely living individuals. The people we meet are simply visitors to that path. Some stay for extended periods of time, while others may not. This is the essence of Path of the Spirit.

Ryan Haugen
Owner and Operator Path of the Spirit-Tarot and Spiritual Services

Friday, December 16, 2016

Out of Time, Out of Space, A World of My Own

Often I have heard Elders say, "He is beyond his time," or "He is not of his time." Keep in mind, that I am not only referring to myself, but to other great thinkers of our time. I don't think people really understand how out of touch I am with the present moment. I am not the average person. I don't watch the news. I don't buy the latest gadgets, phones, and cars. The last time I watched the news was the election, and before that was nearly a year prior. I had my old phone for almost 6 years until it died on me. My car I put in a ditch one fateful winter night, and was a model from 2010. My car I have now is from 1994 and runs very well.

Instead of buying the latest and greatest, I utilize the old and forgotten. (It generally serves it's purpose better than anything new.) This mentality has drifted into my life in several ways. Firstly, classical music is my life. If I were to listen to anything I would choose Air on G over my favorite country song. Of course music selections are usually dependent upon my mood. Secondly, I yearn for a time completely different than the trappings of modern day society. I would rather have my words captured in a journal, than on the internet. Clearly, I am adapting. The lazy repose on the veranda on summer day with a mint julep would please me greatly. I will leave my reader to get lost in the romanticized fantasies of simpler life. That's what they end up becoming anyways, dreams and fantasies.

I am not of this time and I am not before my time. As a matter of fact, I don't feel I belong in any one space in time. I look at the world as objectively as possible, and I am criticized for being judgmental, unyielding, and cynical. When I offer collaborative solutions, based on fact and assessment, I am met with resistance, because feelings were not involved. Where do I belong and how do I get there? People say, that I need to find a 'like minded crowd.' To my chagrin, these thinkers are becoming the minority, with the rise of self entitlement and political correctness.

Perhaps, I shall just create my own world. In my world, the 'man cave' would be a library with men drinking brandy, smoking pipes, and discussing intellectual subjects. Useful work, would once again be prized and cherished. I would celebrate it like Ford Madox Brown in his painting, "Work" in 1852. The finer things, like proper speech, culture, and etiquette would be venerated. In my world, I would feel at peace. People would just let others live peaceably, and one would support the other. My world would be a place of classical refinement, knowledge, and civility. Perhaps I am stuck in a past, of which I am not aware?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tired of Mercury Retrograde? Well It's Tired of You! Ritual Included!

I don't know about my comrades out there, but I am sick of people complaining and blaming Mercury Retrograde for their fall backs! If I was the God Mercury I would be a little annoyed by now.  Unfortunately humans need to be able to blame somebody or something for a problem in their life. Mercury retrogrades nearly 3 times a year, what else is new?! Haven't you learned how to hand it yet? Well in case you haven't let me help give you a little guidance. Here are my top 3 tid bits about Mercury. A picture says a thousand words lol!

1. Expect that communication and technology issues.

  • I am not saying put all this stock into believing that these things are going to happen. I am saying prepare for the chance of them happening. Maybe it means updating your virus protection on your computer and other devices. Have a back up plan with technology goes haywire. 
  • In the area of person to person communication (the old fashioned face to face talking) stop and think about what you want to say. Slow it down and make sure your message is clear and understandable. Follow up and gain feedback in a creative way to find out if your message was received as you intended to send it. 
  • A quick note about emails and electronic communication. After you have sent a digital message follow up. Personally follow up and talk to that person to confirm your appointments, messages, and dates. I generally allow 24 hours to pass before I personally call if I haven't received a response. 

2. Have a sense of humor and don't take things personally.

  • Everyone is feeling the energy of Mercury. In the spiritual community a lot of times they are building up this energy themselves. The spiritual person who is aware of the energy and just moves on has a far easier time with Mercury Retrograde. Human behavior will be jacked up and it might be a little humorous. 
  • Laugh and have fun. This is not the energy to start new plans anyway, so take a little time to do some reflection. At the end of this blog will be a great Mercury Retrograde Ritual to assist you with this time. 

3. Journal get rid of toxic stuff!

  • I don't like to toxic stuff 'junk'. I like to call it stuff, because it teaches us and shows us our 'inner hoarder' if you will. Clean it out! I suggest writing it down in a journal. Yes I know that takes a little work, but so what?! 
  • Journal entries are personal and private. They don't need to have any rhyme or reason to them. They can be any feeling that pops into your head at that given moment. There are no rules, which mercury likes to have when he is retrograde. While the rest of the world still has to have a structure, rules, and framework, journals do not. 

Mirror Mirror On the Wall Ritual


  • Sacred Space/Altar (If you have one). Just make sure your not disturbed. 
  • Journal (optional, but recommended)
  • Small mirror.
  • Two white pillar candles (or other colors of your choice, I prefer white because it's pure).
  • Soft music (without words).
  • Water (Big Big Glass you should have to pee after this).
  • Comfy chair/table. or just sit on the floor. 
Set up the two white candles on both sides of the mirror. Start your music. Just set your water and journal off to the side. Light the candles and take some deep breaths. In for 4 counts. Hold for 7 counts, and exhale for 8 counts. (make sure your sitting lol). Calm down. Let the world drift away. This is a time just for you to reflect. We are not reflecting on your day, the bills, homework, friends, world events, none of that. Reflect on you.

Open your eyes and look into the mirror. Mirrors are obviously reflective and deflective. Mirrors are used to return negative energy to the sender, protection magick, and exposure of the truth. Today we are using the mirror to expose yourself to own inner truth. Look deep into your own. Fall in love with your eyes, they are the mirrors of your soul. Ask your self aloud or silently, "What is my truth right now?"

Skeptical people out there might say "I am talking to myself and look like an idiot." Well your right you are talking to yourself, and you decided on that label not me. How wonderful to use that example. Perhaps your lesson is to open your mind to other thoughts of thinking. When we clear our mind and open to a moment of calm we actually are able to think better, reduce stress, and have higher self esteem. (Any Nurse will tell you that since Nursing is holistic approach to medicine and healing; incorporating mind body and spirit).

You can do this for as long as you want. You can ask your self other questions. I do encourage you to ask yourself this,  "what is one thing I can change about me right now, that will better me, and is ONLY for me?" Take a deep breath, sometime when we 'turn the mirror on ourselves' it gets tough. Take the first response that comes into your mind. It may be one word, or a significant event that needs evaluation. Point is take that first thought, roll with it, and write about it. After you have done that take that big glass of water and drink all down in one gulp. Water is very healing. It sustains life and is essential to removing toxins in the body. When it's time to urinate just feel relief! Relief from everything you wrote about or used for reflection. It will be the best pee of your life!

Lord Auriael.  

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What To Do When You Have Lost Your Mojo!

Many times in life we helpless, lost, and even a stranger to ourselves. In the magickal community we may feel this more so then the 'average' person. We spend a lot of our time helping others as well as building and maintaining our practice as witches or magicians. We have all been there when we feel Universe or even our own magick has failed us. We have all been the victim of some sort of spiritual attack or at the mercy of some malevolent energy. These events if allowed to play themselves out are enough to destroy our spirit and make succumb to darker energies.

How do we know we are subject to these things? Well, witchcraft rule 101, if you dabble in the magickal arts you get a target painted on you right away. This sounds very Hollywood, but the fact of the matter is that witchcraft and magick all makes us susceptible. How can that be in a path full of light and love? You are entering a world of total balance, that's all that needs to be explained. Without the darkness there is no light. Magick and witchcraft represent something not only to magickal and nonmagickal folks, but also to spiritual entities light and dark. It represents and is power. This is the power of the mind, a strong mind, which begets a strong and powerful spirit. The empowerment to control ones own life, identity and power. Dark people and their energy 'salivate' at the prospect of taking out someone so filled with light. Manipulating the mind of a witch to think they have lost their mojo, are cursed, or otherwise ruined is the ultimate manipulation. It is the total destruction of their mind, their spirit, and finally their power.

Now, not everyone is cursed or has bad energy influencing them. Some bad luck is simply due to poor decision making. However all this can come as a package. Even if all of this hasn't happened what do you do when you feel you are losing your spunk, out of energy, lost in spirit, or lost to yourself? I have chosen 4 surefire ways to help you get your mojo back and a little food for thought!

  • Get a psychic reading or energy healing.

A reading or energy healing is a good way to get to the root cause of the problem. It will give you some great insight into the energy patterns and even the future. There are many readers and healers out there. Choose one that in your price range and you makes you feel comfortable. If you are reading for yourself, take caution and remember to separate yourself completely from the situation and the energy. Be open to what the cards are telling you, not what you're expecting or hoping for them to say. 

Energy healing with Reiki is very helpful and cleansing. I get reiki done often especially when I am feeling disconnected. Your reiki master may be able to give you insight on which chakras to focus your attention on. They may also give you good techniques for clearing the aura and the charkras as well. You are energy and it is operating in the energy around you...all that wear and tear needs to be healed at some point. 

  • Rive; Clean up your altar, sacred space, environments, and energy.

Clean up your space! Remove stale energy. Roll up your sleeves and get into the nooks and crannies of your house, office, car, bedroom, and closets. Clean them up physically and follow up with one or a combination of sage, dragons blood, and lemon grass incense. When I do this I like to do a deep cleaning of the house. Then I close all the windows and doors and let the place get full of smoke. When your about to choke on the smoke that's when I open the door. I tell you it looks like a Cheech and Chong movie when I do this. Let me tell you though everything is so much better. 
Witches dust off the altars, clean the statues and throw out the old incense sticks. All this stuff collects and causes more negative energy.

  • Rededicate yourself to your practice and your goals life.
Go through your goals and projects and evaluate their effectiveness. Figure out what is working and what isn't not serving a purpose. Perhaps there is something or someone that needs to be put on the back burner. This is difficult process for some people because you have to be honest with yourself. During this time you can also rededicate yourself to your spiritual practices and your deities. This will remind of you where you have come from and where you want to end up in the long run. Finally it will refresh you and give you a 'new lease on life.' It will make you feel like you do every new years with a clean slate. See you don't need New Year's Eve to feel this way! :)

  • Construct or refresh your protective wards, shields, and talismans.
Always, always, always be ready and able to refresh your protective shields, wards, and amulets. Maybe it's time to make a new one or develop a new visualization of protection. I like to think of an animal that makes me feel protected and safe. I work on visualizing that animal daily. Then I start practicing the name of the animal and conjuring that visualization in my head. Once I know I can conjure that picture with just a word I am ready. I can use that to project protection even in the middle of an argument and no one is the wiser. I recommend to my students to refresh shields weekly and talismans bi-monthly as needed or sooner if they break. If the talisman breaks it has done it's job of protecting you.

  • Food for thought: Remember the Craft, witchcraft, Wicca, it's not something your going to get overnight. It is a practice and one that develops based on the amount of time you put into it. Yes, being a witch is a chore, but a fun one! Lastly, keep in mind that when you are needing protecting the magickal walls and barriers are not put in place for you to hide behind. They are there to protect you so you have a moment to strategically plan your next move. Witches are warriors!