Monday, December 28, 2015

2016 In Focus- Astrology Events

2016 Quick Synopsis
Boy oh BOY what a year do we have ahead of us astrologically! This year is going to make you feel limitless and restricted at times! The key players this year are all the big giants! Mercury retrogrades 4 times this year. (Big deal he always retrogrades, worry about the giants). Venus on the other hand, the goddess of love and beauty stays direct all year! This is going to be a highly spiritual year for most, but above all for everyone a testament to the building of character and personal resilience. Navigate the sea of energy with care! Take caution where needed and catch the wind in your sails to keep you moving. 

Jupiter makes to positive aspects with Pluto this year. This is energy that allows you to create win/win outcomes in your life. Dedicate yourself to a goal and follow through. Act in accord with your intentions and you will see them flourish with this energy!

Saturn and Neptune have some unpleasant aspects this year. They are opposing forces in the universe. Saturn is the creature of structure, limitations, and boundaries. Neptune on the other hand, is the dreamer, the actor in the theatre, the dreamy fantasy land that has no need for what Saturn has to offer. These aspects this year will be important regarding priorities. Keep a level head at these times and fight the urge to run off into a fantasy land. Neptune isn't all bad, he does give us the ability to go to our dream space to breathe and collect our faculties. The temptation is to stay there. Keep that discerning Saturnalian energy with you, so that you don't get sucked into procrastination and dramatics. 

The months of March - June are going to be a particularly trying time for many people. Don't take petty arguments personally at this time, but don't get shafted or backed into a corner. There is a fine line between egoism and humility. Don't be surprised if spiritual matters are amplified at this time. During shifting energies it's always good to have a strategy to keep centered. You may feel the greatest urge to fly higher than ever. Remember the reverse can be true as well. 

Mars goes retrograde every 2 years. So when his effects come they come swiftly. This retrograde is probably not the best time to launch new projects; instead refine old ones or shut down ones that are failing. Question your direction and ultimately WHERE you're directing your energies. 

The above was a brief synopsis of the coming year, 2016. As the year progresses I will go into further detail. Below you will the big events of this year. I have set them up by month chronologically. This way we are able to see everything that happens chronologically and can plan accordingly! What an intense year this is going to be!
-Lord Auriael-
Prince of Swords
3rd Degree High Priest of the Craft/Witch

  1. Mercury Retrograde: 5th-26th in Capricorn
  2. Jupiter Retrograde: 7 Jan - 9 May in Virgo

  1. Jupiter Retrograde

  1. Jupiter Retrograde
  2. Total Solar Eclipse: 8th in Pisces (Supermoon, New Moon).
  3. Jupiter creates positive aspect with Pluto: 16 March
  4. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: 23rd in Libra
  5. Saturn Retrograde: 26 March -13 August in Sagittarius.

  1. Jupiter and Saturn Retrograde
  2. Mars Retrograde: 17 April begins in Sagittarius, dips into Scorpio on 28 May, direct 29 June.
  3. Pluto Retrograde: 18 April - 26 September in Capricorn.
  4. Mercury Retrograde: 28 April -22 May in Taurus.

  1. Jupiter Direct: 9 May in Virgo
  2. Pluto, Mars, Saturn Retrograde
  3. Mercury Direct: 22 May
  4.  Mars Retrograde enters Scorpio on 28 May 

  1. Pluto, Saturn Retrograde
  2. Saturn Square Neptune: 17 June
  3. Jupiter makes positive aspect with Pluto again 26 June.
  4. Mars Direct: 29 June in Scorpio

  1. Pluto and Saturn Retrograde
  2. Uranus Retrograde: 29 July-29 December in Aries

  1. Pluto and Uranus Retrograde
  2. Saturn Direct: 13 August in Sagittarius
  3. Mercury Retrograde: 30 August - 21 September in Virgo

  1. Annular Solar Eclipse: 1 September in Virgo
  2. Saturn Squares Neptune: 10 September
  3. Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: 16 September in Pisces.
  4. Pluto, Mercury, and Uranus Retrograde.
  5. Mercury Direct: 21 September in Virgo.
  6. Pluto Direct: 26 September in Capricorn

  1. Aries Full Moon (Supermoon) 15 October.
  2. Uranus Retrograde.

  1. Taurus Full Moon (Supermoon) 14 November.
  2. Uranus Retrograde.

  1. Gemini Full Moon (Supermoon) 13 December.
  2. Mercury Retrograde: 19 December -8 January 2017 in Capricorn.
  3. Uranus Retrograde
  4. Uranus Direct 29 December.

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