Thursday, June 18, 2015

How do I use my psychic gifts? What are they?

Hello, I wanted to take a minute tell you about my gifts, abilites, and what it is I do for your the client. Many of you are familiar with the Tarot Deck. I couple my readings with tarot and the Quabalistic Tree of Life.This is the main avenue of my divination practice. However I use other gifts as well. My abilities that I have developed are empathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience.

Clairaudience: The ability to clearly hear. The things I hear are not heard by the client. The things I hear are quick short phrases that pertain to the reading.
This is an ability to clearly and intuitively hear messages. Sometimes people will describe this when they are driving and they clearly hear something inside them telling them "go right."

Clairsentience: The ability to clearly feel. This is sometimes linked in with empathic abilities. While empathy is feeling the emotions of others, this particular gift is about feeling the energy and getting a good read on it. Some psychics will describe this as a gut feeling. For me during a reading every feeling has a different meaning. For example a twisting stomach is nervousness. A heavy sacral charkra can be sexual energy, pregnancy, or lust. A light heartness is happiness and bliss. Sometimes these feelings will get mixed in with the clients energy and I have to carefully separate the two to be as open and not inflict the reading. Generally I tap into this gift after I have shuffled and laid down the first card.

Clairvoyance: Clear seeing is a very misunderstood gift, and sometimes even the hardest to describe. Sometimes clients think I see whole movies of their lives, and that is not the case. Most of the time I see little vignettes and short scenes as the client is answering my baseline questions and other questions through out the reading. This is one of my favorite gifts to work with. I have really spent time on this working with psychometry. The ability to clearly see and get a read on objects. The best way that I have developed that is by being blindfolded, knowing nothing about the object and having it given to me. I do have visions and premonitions. I started having those when I was about 7 years old. however I keep them quiet because they have a lot of energy. Sometimes during a reading, I get little flash and they are vision in nature.

Claircognizance: Sometimes I just know things. I can't explain it! Clearly knowing is simply that. We just know something.  The feelings that come before clearly knowing time is very heavy. I tend to get these when I am unsure about a situation. I just know that something isn't quite right. I have typically seen this work when dealing with people who were trying to lie.

Finally, I am always trying to be tapped in to your guides and my guides to 'guide' the readings. I see myself simply as an interpreter of the cards and a voice for the spirit world to help clients. As you can see I use a lot of different avenues that the client doesn't see or know is going on. All of these things amplify the readings and give you the best guidance that you need! I hope you will give me a try! Check out my website to set up your appointment today! My readings are kept affordable for all!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What is a Tarot Reading and How do I get one from Ryan?

A Tarot reading is a form of divination in which the reader (dealer) flips cards and interprets the symbols and cards on the table. This is a very old form of divination and takes many years of practice to simply get a "grasp" on it. After the learner gets the jist, it's still a journey of exploration and learning. I am still learning after 10 years.

How the process works with me:

You the client will sit down at the table or we will begin over the phone. I will want to get a baseline from you in regards to your life, relationships, and any other basic pertinent information. I may even take notes as well. The client may ask any questions they wish of me or the cards as well. Generally clients ask questions regarding one of three topics. These topics usually are love, finances, and spirituality. Other times clients may simply talk about current situations in their life. The whole beginning process is to obtain a 'base line' of the energy around from which to work. All the while we are getting to know each other, I will be shuffling the cards and connecting with my guides and yours as well.

The tarot is set up like a regular playing deck of cards. You have your court cards King Queen, Knight and Page and the 4 suits each corresponding to a different element. The swords (air), wands (fire), cups (water), and pentacles (earth). These are what diviners call 'the pips' or the Minor Arcana. There is another part of the tarot deck called the Major Arcana. These cards are the big time pivotal cards that really give emphasis to areas of the reading. Be assured that when those show up we will focusing a lot on those.

I will also briefly explain some of the astrological correspondences happening the day of your reading. I will also take a moment to explain the Tree of Life that I work off of as well. You don't need to know all about it, just know that I will explain and carry you with me the whole way!

My goal is to ALWAYS create an environment that is safe, healing, and open between myself and the client. I want all my clients to have the best experience and to visit with me again. The feel I want to capture for the client is that it's like talking to an old friend.

Please know that I use all of my gifts not just the cards. I use the psychic skills of clairaudience and clairsentience heavily, as well as the others. The objective is to give the best reading possible. It is also my personal goal to give you accurate predictions and usable advice to guide you after you leave.

How do I get a reading from Ryan? 

Please visit my website at click under Tarot services and make the selection of your choice. Many people choose the 1 hour reading. It's only $30 in June and $40 regularly. My rates never get higher. I love to do discounts and I am always willing to work with you!

After you have made your payment we need to set up an appointment. Unless it is Monday or Tuesday between 10-4:30 in which it is considered a walk in reading. Again longer sessions are encouraged to be by appointment. Appointments are made by phone at 218-269-2763 or by email at Readings are conducted in CST time zone if you are out of town, and over the phone. I will give you my number and you will call 5 minutes prior to the reading. There are no refunds on services provided. If you are late, the payment is forfeited and I move on to my next reading. (If you are going to be late, you must call in advance to let me know. If I am going to be late, I will generally let you know 24 hours in advance). Please extend that courtesy to me.

All payments are made through my website securely through Paypal. I hope this answered some of your frequently asked questions. For a quick free reading please join my Facebook group at the link below. I hope to talk with you soon!