Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tired of Mercury Retrograde? Well It's Tired of You! Ritual Included!

I don't know about my comrades out there, but I am sick of people complaining and blaming Mercury Retrograde for their fall backs! If I was the God Mercury I would be a little annoyed by now.  Unfortunately humans need to be able to blame somebody or something for a problem in their life. Mercury retrogrades nearly 3 times a year, what else is new?! Haven't you learned how to hand it yet? Well in case you haven't let me help give you a little guidance. Here are my top 3 tid bits about Mercury. A picture says a thousand words lol!

1. Expect that communication and technology issues.

  • I am not saying put all this stock into believing that these things are going to happen. I am saying prepare for the chance of them happening. Maybe it means updating your virus protection on your computer and other devices. Have a back up plan with technology goes haywire. 
  • In the area of person to person communication (the old fashioned face to face talking) stop and think about what you want to say. Slow it down and make sure your message is clear and understandable. Follow up and gain feedback in a creative way to find out if your message was received as you intended to send it. 
  • A quick note about emails and electronic communication. After you have sent a digital message follow up. Personally follow up and talk to that person to confirm your appointments, messages, and dates. I generally allow 24 hours to pass before I personally call if I haven't received a response. 

2. Have a sense of humor and don't take things personally.

  • Everyone is feeling the energy of Mercury. In the spiritual community a lot of times they are building up this energy themselves. The spiritual person who is aware of the energy and just moves on has a far easier time with Mercury Retrograde. Human behavior will be jacked up and it might be a little humorous. 
  • Laugh and have fun. This is not the energy to start new plans anyway, so take a little time to do some reflection. At the end of this blog will be a great Mercury Retrograde Ritual to assist you with this time. 

3. Journal get rid of toxic stuff!

  • I don't like to toxic stuff 'junk'. I like to call it stuff, because it teaches us and shows us our 'inner hoarder' if you will. Clean it out! I suggest writing it down in a journal. Yes I know that takes a little work, but so what?! 
  • Journal entries are personal and private. They don't need to have any rhyme or reason to them. They can be any feeling that pops into your head at that given moment. There are no rules, which mercury likes to have when he is retrograde. While the rest of the world still has to have a structure, rules, and framework, journals do not. 

Mirror Mirror On the Wall Ritual


  • Sacred Space/Altar (If you have one). Just make sure your not disturbed. 
  • Journal (optional, but recommended)
  • Small mirror.
  • Two white pillar candles (or other colors of your choice, I prefer white because it's pure).
  • Soft music (without words).
  • Water (Big Big Glass you should have to pee after this).
  • Comfy chair/table. or just sit on the floor. 
Set up the two white candles on both sides of the mirror. Start your music. Just set your water and journal off to the side. Light the candles and take some deep breaths. In for 4 counts. Hold for 7 counts, and exhale for 8 counts. (make sure your sitting lol). Calm down. Let the world drift away. This is a time just for you to reflect. We are not reflecting on your day, the bills, homework, friends, world events, none of that. Reflect on you.

Open your eyes and look into the mirror. Mirrors are obviously reflective and deflective. Mirrors are used to return negative energy to the sender, protection magick, and exposure of the truth. Today we are using the mirror to expose yourself to own inner truth. Look deep into your own. Fall in love with your eyes, they are the mirrors of your soul. Ask your self aloud or silently, "What is my truth right now?"

Skeptical people out there might say "I am talking to myself and look like an idiot." Well your right you are talking to yourself, and you decided on that label not me. How wonderful to use that example. Perhaps your lesson is to open your mind to other thoughts of thinking. When we clear our mind and open to a moment of calm we actually are able to think better, reduce stress, and have higher self esteem. (Any Nurse will tell you that since Nursing is holistic approach to medicine and healing; incorporating mind body and spirit).

You can do this for as long as you want. You can ask your self other questions. I do encourage you to ask yourself this,  "what is one thing I can change about me right now, that will better me, and is ONLY for me?" Take a deep breath, sometime when we 'turn the mirror on ourselves' it gets tough. Take the first response that comes into your mind. It may be one word, or a significant event that needs evaluation. Point is take that first thought, roll with it, and write about it. After you have done that take that big glass of water and drink all down in one gulp. Water is very healing. It sustains life and is essential to removing toxins in the body. When it's time to urinate just feel relief! Relief from everything you wrote about or used for reflection. It will be the best pee of your life!

Lord Auriael.  

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