Saturday, December 17, 2016

What Kind of Tarot Reader Am I? (Short Letter Response)

Dear Ryan,

I am not new to the world of Tarot, I have had several readings before from other diviners. I am interested in working with you! What kind of style of reading do you have?

Potential Client

Dear Potential Client,

My first response to a question like this is you gotta just get in and find out! Everyone on Earth is having an individual experience. Therefore, it is difficult to tell what kind of experience you will have overall. What I can say is that your experience with me will be positive and empowering! My job as a reader is not to fix your challenges for you. You are probably asking, what is my job then? Well, my job is to help by conducting a thorough assessment of the energies surrounding your inquiry. The assessment begins with my interpretation of astrological energies. Then it's your turn. We will begin with a short breathing exercise, and then it is your turn to talk, (about 10 minutes). After, I will interpret the energies as they are, good, bad, or otherwise. The interpretation will also consist of possible outcomes based on those energies. After the interpretation, we may look at how you can alter difficult situations to fit your desires as needed. Afterall, the future is never absolute!

Potential Client, please know that I am not a fluff bunny reader. I can promise you that I will not blow smoke up your behind. I will not tell you want to hear. I will speak truthfully and guide you to the very best of my ability. I will give you words of encouragement, empowerment, or warning. Every client leaves my readings with a sense of clarity and tools that they can put to use until we meet again. Keep in mind that I am in the military. Sometimes I may be abrasive, but I see past all the smokescreens, illusions, and delusions. I see into your heart and the root of any issue. The only show you will get from me, readings in person, is the typical props of a reading, (crystals, incense, cards, ect.). Though no ritual is spared for phone readings either. My purpose is to help as many people as I am able, while honoring the noble art of divination.

In summation, the world of divination has gotten a stereotypical spin. Many people believe the meme of the fortune teller, giving advice, making outlandish predictions and charging high prices for services. I make myself affordable to everyone, I will not coddle you and I will not lie. I will be the truthful friend and guide along the way. I operate this way, because after you leave my reading it is just you living your life. Ultimately, what you do with the information from the reading is your decision. In the grand scheme of things, we all walk a solitary path, because we are all uniquely living individuals. The people we meet are simply visitors to that path. Some stay for extended periods of time, while others may not. This is the essence of Path of the Spirit.

Ryan Haugen
Owner and Operator Path of the Spirit-Tarot and Spiritual Services

Friday, December 16, 2016

Out of Time, Out of Space, A World of My Own

Often I have heard Elders say, "He is beyond his time," or "He is not of his time." Keep in mind, that I am not only referring to myself, but to other great thinkers of our time. I don't think people really understand how out of touch I am with the present moment. I am not the average person. I don't watch the news. I don't buy the latest gadgets, phones, and cars. The last time I watched the news was the election, and before that was nearly a year prior. I had my old phone for almost 6 years until it died on me. My car I put in a ditch one fateful winter night, and was a model from 2010. My car I have now is from 1994 and runs very well.

Instead of buying the latest and greatest, I utilize the old and forgotten. (It generally serves it's purpose better than anything new.) This mentality has drifted into my life in several ways. Firstly, classical music is my life. If I were to listen to anything I would choose Air on G over my favorite country song. Of course music selections are usually dependent upon my mood. Secondly, I yearn for a time completely different than the trappings of modern day society. I would rather have my words captured in a journal, than on the internet. Clearly, I am adapting. The lazy repose on the veranda on summer day with a mint julep would please me greatly. I will leave my reader to get lost in the romanticized fantasies of simpler life. That's what they end up becoming anyways, dreams and fantasies.

I am not of this time and I am not before my time. As a matter of fact, I don't feel I belong in any one space in time. I look at the world as objectively as possible, and I am criticized for being judgmental, unyielding, and cynical. When I offer collaborative solutions, based on fact and assessment, I am met with resistance, because feelings were not involved. Where do I belong and how do I get there? People say, that I need to find a 'like minded crowd.' To my chagrin, these thinkers are becoming the minority, with the rise of self entitlement and political correctness.

Perhaps, I shall just create my own world. In my world, the 'man cave' would be a library with men drinking brandy, smoking pipes, and discussing intellectual subjects. Useful work, would once again be prized and cherished. I would celebrate it like Ford Madox Brown in his painting, "Work" in 1852. The finer things, like proper speech, culture, and etiquette would be venerated. In my world, I would feel at peace. People would just let others live peaceably, and one would support the other. My world would be a place of classical refinement, knowledge, and civility. Perhaps I am stuck in a past, of which I am not aware?