Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Astrology- Venus-Mars Dance, Dive into the Depths!

What an interesting month we have had! Such wonderful energies and we got some even better ones along the way! August 2014 ends with a constant back and forth of the energies of Mars, the warrior masculine planet opposing and squaring off with Venus, the goddess of Love, Beauty, and Tender Passions. These two planets do this even into the beginning of September.
At this time Mars is in Scorpio, deep thoughts, inner and outer mysteries, secrets and getting to the root of situations. Venus is in Leo and she will remain there for a little while. Leo rules the heart, strength, personal courage, and the heart’s desire. Don’t be surprised if your romantic relationships get put center stage. You will be shown what’s lacking, or if there is too much of something. Sexual energy will get ramped up a bit as well, but remember to keep a grounded self. Think with your brains and not your hormones. Be aware of clashes between the opposite sex, have the foresight to see it coming and stop it. Have the wisdom to know what battles to fight and what to leave behind. There is no more time to be ‘grey,’ everything will become black and white and it’s up to you how you take action. Be ready and have a game plan. This energy is all building up to a big growth in your personal strength, courage, and resiliency.
On the 31st of August the Sun will Trine with Pluto. That’s nice energy! This trine only adds to the Leo energy explained above. There will be one of two options that happen.
1.       People around you will become snappy and thrive in cynicism. Why? This is a reaction to realizations about themselves that are not ready to deal with and so naturally you are their punching bag. How will you deal with it?
2.       You are going to start having your own revelations. When we start to have our own revelations is when the inner judge begins to talk. The Sun will shine light on the shadowy areas of your life. This is not to disparage or lower your esteem, remember this is a TRINE, it is building you up and supporting you. Don’t let the inner judge get out control keep him/her in check and you dive into the darkness. You will emerge stronger in the end.
September 2nd the Moon comes to the land of Sagittarius, the philosopher. He loves to shoot his arrow into the stars! He may not know where it will land, but it will land somewhere. Saggies are one of the party signs of the zodiac. Take this time to celebrate victories in your life and enjoy the things you have ‘harvested’ over the year and more so now that we are coming into autumn.
The Sun continues to trine with Pluto so we are continuing to bring our fears and shadow side to light of our awareness.  This energy is augmented by Mercury as he flies into Libra, the great compromiser and creator of balance. Libra also reveals truth and justice. Need I say more? Sagittarian energy only reminds us that we are capable to release the arrow; it all begins with us as the individual.

Keep up the good work! Continue to better yourself by seeing the dark aspects of yourself, acknowledging them through mediation and ever strive towards balance. Ultimately, when the internal self is put into the balance, the external world will reflect that. The reality that once was will be no more and REAL truth will become paramount.

Lord Auriael The Prince of Swords

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