Friday, November 7, 2014

Astrology snapshots for November!

Well November is an interesting month in the stars. As we know there are always trines and squares, that happen. It would be impossible to go through all of them for every single day. That being said I wanted to take a few snap shots of what we have ahead of us for this month.

Prepare to change your life. Many of you out there can sense the change already on the horizon. Get ready because its going to come fast and for some it will be challenging. Mercury is entering Libra and that is wonderful energy. There maybe a lot of communication going on here, but don't become a blabber mouth. This is great energy for those of you out there who have businesses to do big time marketing. There is also the potential to bring awareness to projects that focus on the little guy. You will find yourself telling people that you are in need of balance and you will be taking measures to achieve at the very least a semblance of balance.

Neptune goes direct on the 16th. Neptune is wonderful energy for creative projects. Neptune also has the energy of fantasy and escape from reality. During the Neptune retrograde we were forced to see reality for what it is. We were forced to work on projects that needed tending too, but it was uncomfortable. When Neptune goes direct, we get a break from all that. We are able to find solace in day dreaming and fantasy worlds. Neptune is one of the gas giants, so it will have a strong pull at first. I challenge you to create a healthy balance of fantasy and reality. There is a danger to Neptune direct and that is getting sucked into the fantasy world and staying there. When this happens our responsibilities and lives can get messed up and then we have more to clean up. Finally when Neptune goes direct, you will find your intuition, imagination, and creativity get a huge boost. This is very powerful energy and can be directed into many different projects.

Venus moves into Sagittarius and squares Neptune on the 20th. Avoid this day making financial decisions or starting new relationships. Now you know the energy of this day is going to be wonky, now steer into it. Be objective! There will be a lot of different energies pulling on one another. Why not take this day off to relax? The energy on this day will be a lot of wishy washy water energy it feels like to me. Life doesn't go on hold, so if important decisions need to be made, read the fine print, stay grounded, and in your right mind.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is on November 22nd. What a party that will be! Sagittarius is the party sign of the zodiac. The house itself is about enjoyment, philosophy, aiming high, and being in a forward mindset. Around this time, we will have Venus and the Sun in Sagittarius telling you to move your focus in the direction of your hearts desire. Achieve your luxury, abundance, and prosperity by putting your heart into what you do. We also Mars and Uranus in Capricorn at this time. The energies here more earthy and logical. Keep your focus and momentum by having your higher mind in order. Use your logical sense with your heart to create an action. There are a lot of squares and conjuctions at this time, but they are telling you to build up now. Strike while the iron is hot. Put your heart and your mind into the foundations that you are building. At the new moon set your intention for aligning the heart and mind to create structure and stability in your life and projects. Sagittarius also reminds us to celebrate the success we do have and the ones that we will have.

I hope you enjoyed this little snap shot. As we move forward this month, I will be adding more in depth blogs to these energies! Stay tuned!

Lord Auriael

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