Thursday, November 6, 2014

Full Moon in Taurus

What a wonderful moon with some pretty intense energies around it! This moon is all about bringing your goals to fruition. If those goals have not been achieved you are able to give it extra energy. The question remains though, what kind of energy? Align the energies with your hearts TRUTH and TRUE desire. When this happens things manifest a lot faster and last a lot longer as well. 

The energies around this moon are huge. In the house of Scorpio we have Venus, the Sun, and Saturn. Scorpio is a mysterious house, full secrets and truth. The energies in this house are telling you that it's time to look deeper at what your TRUTH is and nurture it. Expose yourself to the energies so that they may teach you. Beware, when you expose yourself to these energies, you are opening up to their benefits and challenges. The stinger of Scorpio is one that comes in and cuts right to the chase and please know that it may be painful at times. 

What truth are we to be looking at? The REAL truth, a truth that is full of clarity and understanding. A truth that has been exposed to severity and fire. A truth that has calculated risk involved. There is no more time for the wishy-washy, drama, and self-entitlement. If you want something you have to go for it and let yourself have it. Make a plan and go for it, and when you don't know what to do, ask for help. There is strength in that one simple request, not weakness. 

Mars and Pluto are in harmony with this moon. They lesson of this moon is telling you to take action now, before the ship sails. Bring your energies and action to the forefront, and put passion into it. This is where you want to be stubborn as bull, and never accept less than what you are worth. If someone tries to get you to do that, tell them , "No." You will find yourself delivering truth to many people. That's wonderful, but remember you will be delivered a truth too.

During this full moon I challenge you to align your intent with your hearts TRUE desire and watch how things manifest. Ask for the power to be able to sniff out the hoodwinkers before they are on your door step. When they sneak up on you, cut them off at the pass and don't be bullied. Be bold and courageous with this energy. Fall in love with these powerful energies! The bull is a strong animal and it rushes into things, be cautious of that, keep things calculated. 

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