Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Release, Visualize, and Fly Forward at New Moon in Sagittarius November 22, 2014!

What a great energy we have coming for us on November 22, 2014. The new moon will be in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the best friend of the zodiac, social, and fun to be around. People born under this mutable fire sign are generally full of enthusiasm, inspiration, and exploration. This is one of the party signs of the zodiac, and it's always a good time. A lot of times you will find these people to be religious, philosophical, independent, and free spirited. They are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion, and growth. One will find Sagittarians often having lucky streaks because of the Jupiter connection. 

All of this energy is so great and wonderful, but wait...we have to finish something first! We have to finish this cycle Scorpio and the waning moon. With the New Moon so close, I encourage you to shift your intents to releasing any old burdens and energy from this prior moon phase. This is the time clear the table! Do all the releasing that you can, because the energies at the New Moon, DEMAND that you make a fresh start. 

At the new moon the energies are just swirling like mad! (In a good way). At the moment of the new moon, we have the Sun coupling it at 0 degrees. The New Moon happens right at the beginning of Sagittarius at 0 degrees. Analyze these energies, this is Astrology 101! The New Moon is always about new beginnings. The Sun is the nurturing energy from which all things grow, photosynthesis, and heat. Sagittarius is the optimistic go-getter! He draws the arrow back and shoots, though he may not know where it lands, he knows it will land somewhere. Sagittarius is also the hunter in mythology. Universe is telling you, hunt out your new beginnings and strike while the iron is hot! (HAHA Sun=fire... Sag= fire)! Don't wait anymore! This is why we have to release the old baggage or there will be no room for new and nicer things. 

During the Scorpio moon, we were challenged to dig down deep and reveal our truths. We were forced to see our short comings and maybe feel the 'sting' of circumstance. You were walked into the desert at an unknown point and had to find your way back home. The mysteries were put on your table and your challenge was to demystify them. Did you? Well if you haven't hopefully the great philosopher Sagittarius can help you during his moon cycle. 

At the new moon you will find yourself inspired, enthusiastic, and excitable. Don't let these energies run away with you! Use them to make  positive changes in your lives and the lives of others. You will have bursts of energy that will be like loosing an arrow. You as a human are energy, and so you will be loosed by the universe, guided into what needs the fresh start. It is very possible that projects you saw as stuck or totally incomplete get the light shined on them. Then by some miracle, the doors open. This is the work of Sagittarius.  

You can't have the light without the dark! So naturally there maybe some shadows that surface. Over confidence will be the bane of a lot of people at this time. This overconfidence will not be about the collective, but one of self. Keep yourself in check. The energies may kindle in you independence, but don't let it mix with ego and narcissism. Independence is one thing, but thinking you can do it all on your own is a weakness. Don't allow others to view your generosity, optimism, and kindness as weakness. You are allowed to use the Scorpionic tools to maintain boundaries at all costs, though you will forget and get swept away. Once again be ready for the truth to come out! Sagittarians love to be outspoken and up front about stuff. Don't be surprised if you see some of the air signs and earth signs  are influenced by this energy. Though they may already be in there truth, it may be amplified. 

 Your yearning to understand will be on the rise, and maybe even your desire to be the center of attention. Celebrate success and enjoy life, as that is the Sagittarian goal, not only to enjoy life, but also to understand the meaning and truth of life. In the end, it's about looking to the future and being excited about it. This energy is not so much about mundane things, but about heightened spirituality, creativity, dreams, and inspiration. It's a wonderful energy if you choose to tap into it! 

I hope you all have a wonderful moon phase, and I will back with more astrology updates as they arise! Please feel free to comment, subscribe, and share my blog to your friends! Check out my website and run over and like my page on Facebook!

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